Monday, March 7, 2016

Why You Should Hire A Professional For Smoke Damage Removal

By Jamie Shelley

When a fire strikes on your commercial or residential property, one of the most difficult issues to grapple with is smoke damage. Smoke damage is one of the most crucial concerns to handle following the fire. However, going back into your home following the fire is not safe, meaning that it can prove difficult for a property owner to address and resolve their smoke damage issues. The solution is simple: let a team of trained fire damage restoration professionals complete the repair work for you. Learn more about why you should leave the restoration work to the professionals rather than doing it yourself by reviewing the short outline found below:

Smoke Damage Restoration Experts Utilize Special Equipment
One reason you need to leave the smoke damage removal process to the professionals pertains to the fact that completing the work quickly and correctly necessitates the use of top notch equipment that most homeowners don't have. For example, the best type of equipment to use to remove smoke from your property is ozone generators. Because most residential property owners don't know how to operate this equipment, they would not be able to expedite and optimize the removal of unwanted smoky odors from the property. For this reason, it's a good idea to let industry professionals utilize specialized equipment to complete the restoration process rather than doing it on your own.

Smoke Damage Restoration Requires Certain Expertise
In addition to necessitating the use of specialized equipment, smoke removal requires an individual with substantive expertise in the fire damage industry. For instance, there is a vast range of smoke types that can invade a property, and remove them correctly necessitates that an individual knows which chemicals should be used for the different smoke types. An industry expert will be aware that the smoke odor from plastics reacts differently than the odor of wood, and they will use their knowledge to select the right chemicals for odor removal. On the other hand, most homeowners do not possess the industry expertise necessary to determine which chemicals to use for the purpose of successfully completing the smoke odor removal process.

Don't Delay: Contact SERVPRO Today!
If you're serious about ensuring that smoke damage is quickly eradicated from your property, it's time to call the professionals of SERVPRO. Our IICRC-certified technicians will offer you extensive, affordable restoration services that get your home back in working condition with lightning speed. Call us today! (615) 868-5324

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